Leather furniture is a luxury in any home, and is a prized place for you to sit down and relax. When you have pets, however, you can become worried about stains, scratches, gouges, and more on these tender surfaces. Learn how you can make leather furniture and pest coexist, even if you let your furry friends lounge on the couch with you.

Keep your leather strong

You can prevent natural wear and tear on your leather by using a leather conditioner designed to keep the surface soft and supple. Leather is naturally dry and brittle, and needs the natural oils provided by a conditioner to keep it shiny and soft. As a rule, you should condition your leather twice a year, in even strokes to prevent stains and splotches. When cleaning your furniture otherwise, a damp rag is all you need to remove pet drool, hair, dander, and even food particles that can be left behind. Do not use furniture polish or other chemicals, as this can distort your leather and cause it to dry out.

Clip your pets' nails

You cannot prevent all scratches and gouges on your leather furniture, but you can help keep the destruction to a minimum by trimming the nails of your dogs or cats. Cats by nature don't like the smell of leather, and may steer clear of your furniture, but dogs aren't deterred by the material and will likely want to jump up on it for a snuggle or cozy nap. Keep their nails trimmed to prevent leather damage, and if there is a designated spot where you pets like to sleep, consider adding a decorative throw on these sections of your leather furniture to keep them safe from those claws.

Keep leather out of the sun

While you may love lounging in your leather armchair with the sun on your face, your furniture does not enjoy the drying sun. Sun damage causes discoloration, warping, and even cracking in your leather furniture, so try to keep leather out of these harmful rays. A nice sunny spot to sleep may also attract your pets, so if you don't want them on your leather, try moving your furniture to a cooler part of the room, away from the window so they don't feel as inclined to call your chair or couch their home.

Pets and leather furniture can absolutely live together without your leather wearing out. Simple maintenance and a few nail trimmings here and there should be all you need to do to keep your furniture safe from pets and the damage they can cause. Now that you know how to maintain it, you can go find leather furniture for your home from a retailer like XL Furniture.